Custom Workshops

custom workshopsThrough customized and creative solutions, Infinite Strategies leads training and workshop sessions on the nuts-and-bolts of the selling process. Relationship selling and consultative selling are the real secrets to goal achievement. We can take you through the process A to Z or concentrate on any steps along the way that need special attention. All this leads to greater revenue generation and profitability. We partner with our clients to analyze their immediate goals, address issues, and create a sustainable roadmap for success in the field. We empower people and systems to realize maximum potential.

Our expertise lies in being strategically agile in every circumstance. This allows a very tailored approach and delivery. Making each session personal and interactive, and addressing all personality typing in the room, we promise to be entertaining and adept at what we impart.

Training and coaching can be Individual, small group, departmental, leaders or large groups. See the bulleted list to the right for examples of workshops.

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True Colors Programs

If you would you like to improve your company culture, or reduce turn-over, absenteeism, conflict, grievance or stress in your workplace, Infinite Strategies can help. All of these affect your profit margin so we address the root cause through something called True Colors Training. Feel the dramatic impact of this Workshop immediately as True Colors transforms relationships and company cultures instantly. Learn how we can improve your workplace today by changing the way we look at, hear and respond to, each other. Through using the True Colors training, we influence contentment and understanding, which in turn inspire increased productivity. True Colors breaks down the mystery of forgettable acronyms into pragmatic and functional application. Workshops are two to four hours long. The ROI is incredible, and immediate.

NOTE: Because the methodology appears ‘simple’ (part of its charm and success) it is plagiarized to the hilt. The danger is that when not done thoroughly and properly by very specific techniques, results can be very skewed. Misperceptions rule. ONLY employ and learn this system by Certified True Colors Trainers.


The following are Infinite Strategies primary topics for Custom Workshops

  • Customer Service Training
  • Sales Coaching & Training
  • "How To" Development
  • Business Development
  • True Colors Programs


  • Augmenting Admissions
  • Networking that Works
  • Selling for Entrepreneurs
  • Closing Deals
  • Winning Hearts
  • The Three A’s of Success
  • The Consultative Selling Process
  • Relationship Selling at its Best
  • What Selling Really IS, and ISN'T and But I Don’t WANT to Sell!

Client Testimonials

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