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       "Carol is honest and upfront. I can trust her to give me the truth and work with me on what I need to do. She knows I do not like ‘selling’ or want anything to do with it because I don’t enjoy the lime-light, and yet she encouraged me in the best way possible, for me as a Partner in my Firm. She helped me expand my comfort zone, opening my eyes to what I really can do. Carol is very good with people. She understands what they need, and the best approach to achieve results. She is good at what she does because of her passion for her work and her people. What she really does, is lead individuals to realize potential, and recognize challenge, that they can’t see on their own, and that’s the first step in taking a company forward. I would recommend Carol to anyone who wants to take their firm to that next level."

—Angie Miskell, Partner, Baer & Edington, LLC, Jackson, MO

       "When Carol was introduced to me by my business Partner, I was quite skeptical about how in the world someone who knows nothing about our business could be able to assist us in any way. Boy, was I wrong. Carol has the ability to get information from your staff and even pull old information out of a 15 year old business partnership, that works. I thought that we ran a pretty tight ship, but were just a little off kilter. She was able to pin-point issues that we knew had existed, but never addressed, as well as issues that we did not know existed. Carol walked our company through step-by-step in making repairs and rebuilding us into a Profitable, Professional, Enjoyable place of business!"

—Glen Gromer, Partner, insidetheLINES, Columbia, MO

       "Carol had an extremely professional demeanor….and put me at ease from the very beginning, and….her knowledge of her clients’ ability and experience were invaluable. All was handled with a commitment to excellence that thoroughly impressed me. Carol did not stop after I hired her Client. She continued to monitor the relationship and help out, she knows how to dig in and mediate problems that arise in any situation. I see a long term relationship…because of the management skills and professionalism of Carol Nielson. I would heartily recommend her services to anyone."

—Burt Beard, Corporate Board, House Corporation/SAE Fraternity/University of Missouri, Kirksville, MO

       "When I asked your assist in growing my business I had no idea how immediate the results would be! I knew you were talented, but…I never would have imagined in two short months of your results-driven development strategies that my revenue would have more than tripled and I would have ongoing contracts doing exactly the type of work I want to be doing. I am also thankful to be working with a Consultant I consider my Trusted Advisor. You understand exactly what my goals are and the best strategy to pursue them. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Logistique Studio."

—Kari Laudano, Owner, Logistique Studio, Columbia, MO

       "I hired Carol to break into a new market and direction for me. Carol did the research and established the relationships required to….achieve this end result very quickly. She worked carefully long-distance to create the desired results. She goes above and beyond expectations and is “easy” to work with. Communication is excellent and solid advice is a call away, keeping me on-track, and with a sense of humor. I would recommend Carol and Infinite Strategies to anyone who has a need. Nothing seems to be outside her ability to accomplish. She is “worth the buck!” I wish Carol and her Company every success."

—Micki Marrero, Owner, NY DELI, Columbia, MO

       "When the Board of Directors of Regional Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) created a position to hire Carol Nielson to generate new Investor revenue, they made the right choice. As the new Director Investor Relations and being new to Columbia, Carol was issued a goal, went out and delivered. Carol brought our Investor membership and income up to record levels - all in six months!"

—Bernie Andrews, Executive Vice President, Regional Economic Development, Inc, Columbia, MO