About Infinite Strategies

about infinite strategies

Infinite Strategies was conceived from a long-standing career built around business development in many capacities, management promotions, and training in the workplace as well as teaching at the collegiate level. It is with this three-legged stool of expertise that we can offer our clients a plethora of outside experiences from which to grow their companies.

Engaging a broad spectrum of lessons learned in over 20 industries in several states, we provide a roadmap to success for any company, and partner with our clients on their journey to greater heights. For we have found it is true that most companies experience the same challenges over time, differing only in the scale and timeline of those peaks and valleys. Empowering others to achieve their dreams is nothing more than great problem-solving at its best, and proves exhilarating for all.

We help a variety of clients in size and annual revenue, specializing in, but not limited to, professional services companies. It is with this forte in mind, we resolved to impart and invest in sharing concepts and techniques garnered over the years, to benefit others.

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Meet Carol Nielson

carol nielson“Attitude is everything” has always been Carol’s mantra. Having to move often in her adult career due to her husband’s work and grad schools, forced Carol to become strategically agile. She was made to reinvent herself repeatedly, learning quickly how to make the dreams and goals of others come true. This came rather easily to Carol due to her love of people and fulfillment in making them happy. Today, she is pleased to do this for a living and applies her instrumental talents, skills and experiences to forward the goals of her clients.

Carol is unique in that she worked decades in the business development field in several capacities, was awarded several management promotions in her early career, and taught as Adjunct Faculty in her latter career. Thus, her three-legged stool: sell, train, lead. Her ability to quickly identify the root cause of a problem and vision in how to resolve it, has won her the respect of many along the way. Carol enjoys inspiring greatness in others, empowering them to make their own dreams become reality, and connecting with all types and styles of individuals.

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
Helen Keller

With warm and approachable style, nothing is beyond her reach. Carol is resourceful and a trench-cutter who appreciates thinking outside the box. Afraid of nothing, she has lived and worked in over 20 different industries, in five different states and loves being a Mother to three. When her oldest was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 11, Carol dropped all to advocate for her Daughter’s life. Three and a half years later, she became a much enlightened and new kind of Mother: of two that could run, one that could fly. Becoming a bereaved parent taught Carol more than any other lesson in life and a perspective beyond words. This serves to inspire positive change in all she does, and still drives her today.